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Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Consultant, Strategist & Mentor.

Empowering & Supporting Entrepreneurs & Business Professionals around the world...

Working with Bella was different and enlightening.

J. RosenbergShe's a coach who knows her stuff.

After my John C. Maxwell training, I was introduced to Bella by way of a business conference held at the Hyatt Regency, I was really impressed by her style of business coaching and her commitment for my success.

Christiana C.Simply Solutions International Coaching and Consulting.

After covid, I needed direction to either stay in business or retire, and Bella helped me in my decision.

Chelsea S.Attorney

During my consultation sessions with Bella, I was able to reconstruct my failing business after C-19 and open a new location.

Robert L.Veterinarian

I'm in business because of Bella.

Toby S.Marketing consultant and graphic artist

"Thank you for helping me, I have already recommended you to my circle of business associates".

Amy V.Marketing Executive

We had no regrets hiring you. 5 STARS

Eli W.Realtor

Entrepreneur, business coach, consultant and strategist who provides real-time advice that supports start-ups, small business owners, and everyday business professionals.

It is my responsibility, to guide you into becoming the best in your industry, as you continue to impact and contribute to the economic paradigm!

If “SUCCESS” was easy, we would all be successful!

I am here to assist you on your entrepreneurial journey, because the support needed for an entrepreneur, takes more than…  “Paid Ads”,  “Social Media”, “Organic Searches”, “Email”, “Funnels”, “College Degrees”, “Daily Affirmations”, “Certifications”, “Plugs”, “Links” “Clicks” “YouTube Channels”, “Instagram”, “Tik Tok”,  “Facebook a/k/a “Meta”, “Google Research” “Motivational Speeches”, “Books” or “Money”. That’s one aspect of business!

Success… takes character, a ballsy attitude, honesty, discipline, dedication, risks, resources, a great team, clients, reciprocity, finance and information that works!

The MOST IMPORTANT transitioning element for an entrepreneur is adaptability, so that the ability to transition from one accomplishment into the next is seamless.

My open letter to you.

The unembellished truths... are the best places to begin assessing an entrepreneurs' reality for their future. It's also where I begin my journey with you as your Coach, Consultant, Strategist & Mentor.

Have you been attending WEBINARS, WORKSHOPS, SEMINARS, and CONFERENCES, but you still feel stuck?
Have you been reading HELPBOOKS, UPLOADING and DOWNLOADING information but you are just not reaping the rewards for your TIME and EFFORT?
Have you been receiving tons on EMAILS, from email SUBSCRIPTIONS, but its overwhelming and SPAMMY?
Have YOU taken a bunch of COURSES, for BUSINESS or SELF-DEVELOPMENT yet nothing seems to work?
If you're looking to START A BUSINESS or needs HELP MANAGING one, email us on the link below. Let us walk you through the stages and phases of your business.
1. Brainstorming
2. Business Planning
3. Product Development
4. Customer Acquisition
5. Marketing, Advertising
6. Finance, Funding, Loans
7. Sales
One of the most important security measures and implements that must be in place when starting or scaling a business, is your contingency plan. Contingency plans are "mandatory" !

We're excited to have you onboard. Love always Bella












Bella’s Organic Quotes

“If ever you come across a person who seems confused about life, let them know that they have not been introduced to life, but an illusion”.

© Bella… / Bella The Business Beast

Bella’s Organic Quotes

“Living to become rich, is a daily ambition and a goal that many may never attain, but living to become purposeful to others, is an honor of sincerity…

© Bella… / Bella The Business Beast

Bella’s Organic Quotes

“If… you are unable to envision your clients dream… you’re also unable to envision their success, and there are no two-ways about that” let the client go!

© Bella… / Bella The Business Beast

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